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Who is Line Gaardmand, What is her Musical Method Concept?

Musical Sessions are created for babies/children and their parents. Classes indented for a group of babies and their mother, father, relatives or nanny.

Line Gaardmand writes her own songs, sings and plays piano, trumpet, guitar and harmonica/accordion. Line graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Music as a musicpedagogue.

The songs are inspired by her long time profession as a trumpet player in various musical constellations playing everything from jazz, bossa nova and soul along with an upbringing with Danish folk music. Ideas and inspiration also emerge from her dedicated work with baby music for more than ten years.

The more visual and storytelling elements come from growing up as the daughter of Vibeke Gaardmand, the woman who started the first theatre for children in Denmark in 1966.

A musical Session is a combination of songs, rhymes, dances, sign language, movements, storytelling, and theatre.

The songs are written for situations such as sleeping, eating, swimming, dancing and brushing teeth.  The songs for educational purpose have lyrics about colours, math, weather, nature, animals, moods, fairytales etc.

For a musical session the kids will plays with all kinds of instruments and props such as drums, egg shakers, puppets, fans and balls in all kinds of colours. The musical universe is experienced through all the senses.

The Musical Method Concept is aimed at pedagogues, teachers, music teachers, pre-school institutions, music schools, teaching academy, music academy or private entrepreneurs.

Courses, workshops or franchise deals will be arranged according to agreement.

The Musical Session Concept is designed to give users a set of different toolboxes with cd’s, props, book with sheet music and lyrics, and activity and teacher instructions. Ready to go, for teaching educational and fun music classes for pre-school children.

Quality check, supervision  and upgrade according to new material, will be included in deals, or available according to offers within the policy of The Little Music House.

Line is currently working on a book about her method:

MUSICAL METHOD By LINE GAARDMAND:  - Life’s music - music’s life -

A danish music concept for teaching pre-school children - baby to kindergarden.

Workshops for educators, musical events. Partnership/francise as a local  branch of The Little Music House.

For Parents, musicteachers, entrepreneur s, culture institutions, university s etc. In DK or in your country.

Read more further down about the danish music tradition/culture for children (babies and up).

By Line Gaardmand

Musician, composer, music pedagogue, managing and artistic director The Little Music House

•Classes for babies/children and parents

•Educational and joyful communication through music

•Educational method for music pedagogues/teachers/music teachers

•Learning through movement, physical activity/motor action

•Learning through musical communication

•Parents and teachers get tools, for a fun and intelligent interaction with the child, in everyday life, from an early age.

•Songs to use in everyday life for sleeping, brushing teeth etc.

•Songs for learning about the world

•Music that bring solidarity between child and parent

•The benefits of music are brought to the child from an early age

•Music for learning, and for joy and happiness

•Broadcast for children

•Concerts for children

•Programs for children with special needs: speech, language, hearing, autism disorders or mental retardation.

!!!  (The method is intended for newborn app.3 months old, and up to 5-6 years and further.

  What are the benefits working with Line’s Musical Sessions:

•Enhance the joy of music


•Music education, beat, rhythm, melody, structure. etc.

•Develop Social skills

•Cultural education

•Physical stimulation

•Mental awareness

•Developing voice skills

•Ear training

•Developing motor skills

•Awareness of room and space

•Enhancement of language skills

•Emotional expression

•Stimulation of the senses

•Togetherness and bonding between the parent and child

•Communication without a language: sharing, listening etc.

•Mental creativity

•Emotional and intellectual development.

•Social and creative benefits for the parent as well

•Connecting in a joyful way with fellow human beings

Music culture for children, developed in the  danish tradition by Line Gaardmand

In Denmark we have a tradition for doing music classes for children and parents. The classes are a combination of singing, playing instruments, dancing, movement, using props, storytelling, theatre, and sign language.

Many studies have shown that a child exposed to, or occupied with music, not only develop music skills, but also develop emotionally and socially.

We learn through “playing” with the music, using it as a tool to interact socially and emotionally. We experience each other and ourselves through the musical activities and the actions we take.

In a Musical Session the child “learn” through playing in a kind of musical playground.

Studies has also shown that children learn differently.  Therefore, human beings contain different competences/intelligence.

Body/movement/sign language





In baby sessions you can say that the parents are the target group as well, since the babies can’t walk, play or even throw a ball. They experience the musical actions through the parent’s movements, voice etc. and the parent brings the music home and into the child’s life.

At the same time babies do have a much more developed consciousness than most people know. Studies has shown that they remember voices, stories, songs and movements they have been exposed to in the womb. You can say, that human beings experience, and learn, already as a fetus.


Lines CD will  soon be released in english, chinese & spanish

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New CD Soon to come!!!!!!!!!-


with cd, props, instruments etc.

Musical educational courses around the world !!!


March 2016:

Musical Method Introduction/Workshop


September 2016:

Musical Method

Education coarse

4 weeks


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